Summary:chagrin is a website dedicated to
providing online manga reading. As a short background, the term
''manga'' refers to Japanese comics, or comics made in Japan.
Naturally, the original works are in japanese. Translation into the
english language is made by a fan or a group of fans called
''scanlators'', thus allowing manga to be enjoyed by people who are not
native japanese. Now, ''scans'' (the translated work) usually can be
read either by downloading the particular series from the scanlators''
website, or by browsing through a site that provides online scans.This is where Onemanga comes in. It
provides online scans for various series from a range of authors. The
site is easy to navigate and no special software or registration is
needed. The service is provided for free, all one needs is a web
browser. Basically you can start reading without the need for downloading. Thus far, the site does not have any particular theme or
genre that it sponsors. Currently the site is open to most genres,
having manga for the young, old, male or female. So there''s action, adventure, horror, romance, school life, etc. As of this writing,
the site does not include a series with explicit adult material. It can be said that the site would like to uphold a wholesome atmosphere.The
site currently hosts most of the popular manga/anime at present, such
as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and Hunter X Hunter, among many others.The site is organized by series, and
from the particular series, into the corresponding chapters.
Each series has a short summary and some labels to categorize what type of manga it is. Completed series are also labeled, the same goes for newly added and
updated series. There is no definite time for updates, updates are
posted as soon as the scans are at hand. Thus far the updates are
very active speedy. But all in all, the frequency of updates depends
on the availability of scans.The site also has a forum link where
one can discuss a particular manga or even request for a particular
series to be posted up. Originally published in Shvoong:

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