Speaking In Academic Context

Speaking In Academic Context

                                                                                                                  Theintroduction of these web site mentions that speaking in academic context is becoming more important as teaching methods are trying to involve students in group works, making presentations,and partisipating in discussions on academic topics. Soin these web site you can get help in learning about: Making presentations controlling discussions, and listening and note taking, it has a kind of menu where you can choose any area in which you need help or information, for example, in the presentation it shows you how to present a seminar paper and it gives you steps to do your presentation interesting, and not confussing, so you can express to your audience what you want. It also has a pronunciation section and it recomends some good dictionaries where you can get help considering that english spelling and english pronunciation has a diference. Many students comment that they find working in groups difficult, becouse they can never contribute new and intelligent ideas to the group, so in speaking in academic context you will find help in working in groups, it mentions that if everyone contribute new ideas, the group would continue to be sucssesful, so there it has some roles that students can folow to be succesful in working asa team, for example a succesful group needs a leader, someone who can come with good ideas, and see the practical uses of the other group members ideas, it also mentions that a group needs to have a good Implementer, a Co-ordinator, a Resource Investigator, a complete-
finisher etc.It also shows how to cordinate the group members on each of these roles. In Speaking In Academic Context you would find a chek list if you are going to give a presentation the chek list provides some useful things to chek for example:Overall, Introduction, Main Part, Language,Visuals, and conclutions, that way you can be succesful in your presentation.I recomend this web site as a good resource for information in making presentations, working in group, and to find help in pronunciation.
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