Summary:anirudhgulur is a website based upon the P2P sharing technology. Before you use this let me warn you that it is illegal in certain countries and where if they catch you using this you might be fined. So just find out first before using this.P2P basically means that you download and upload data at the same time instead of what you do generally in most websites. For example if a lot of people are downloading the mozilla 3 browser from the mozilla website then your downloading speed will come down. But this is not the case with isohunt or p2p sites. Here the download speed depends upon your internet speed for one. Apart from that it depends on the number of seeds and leechers. Well seeds are the people or the computers which are uploading the data while leechers are those who are downloading it. You might ask if you are downloading how can you be a leacher? Say you finished downloading the data which you wanted and didn't close utorrent(program used for downloading? then your computer will start seeding. But when you are downloading you are automatically a seeder and a leecher at the same time. You can't stop uploading data if you want to download.

Anyways, coming away from the technical part of it which most of you will tend to ignore anyway. Here is the good stuff. To download the game/song/movie which you wanted the steps to be followed are-first, search for what you want using internal search engine. Second, download it's torrent. Third, to run the torrent you need utorrent which can be easily downloaded as it is only 300kb. Yes you read it right only 300kb.Fourth, you open the torrent through utorrent. The file will start getting downloaded automatically and you can the see the how much data has been downloaded, how much more time is required and all that stuff in utorrent.After the downloading finishes just run the file/game/movie that you wanted and hey presto! there it is.

This is extremely good but there is only one small drawback, some morons upload erroneous torrents which are bad, so if you ignore that then this is a really good product.

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