I like this website because it has lots of information about speaking, learning, grammar and pronunciation and reading and writing and vocabulary.  But the best one is idioms it helps every teacher and students from other countries and other places of the world to learn better the good thing about this website is that all materials are free of charge and have been catalogued for quick and easy access eslpoint on line recourses where teachers and students can get help .  IT links to thousands of esl/efl- related materials all categorized according to skill and difficulty all the materials are prepared for you.  All you have to do just click on this web-site, you''''ll like it, I wish anyone or everyone that needs help this is the right web-site. I use this website all the time and recommend that anyone who needs support or guidance can utilize this resource.  Using this website has made me a better writer in regards to learning about new words and what they mean.  Also gives me practice typing my assignments and reviewing my progress as an improved writer.  I am now more computer literate and have learned how to e-mail, type out my assignments and papers, surf the internet, etc. I have come to realize the importance my practice has made me into a person with the tools I need in society and how to use what I have learned. Many of my newly found friends and classmates have been a living proof that the way I communicate with then is due to me using what I have learned and how I use what I learned.  I guess what I am saying that these assignments I am doing help me to grow as a person at home, work, school, and society.  I like this class very much.
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