Effectively Listening and Speaking
            I want to speak with you about the topic of speaking without fear.  The website,, helps people overcome the fear of speaking in public.  Like me, many people are afraid of speaking in front of other people.  The website is for people who are tired of stomach pains before speaking, want people to listen when they speak, want to lose this fear in one day, and would like to speak whenever you wish.  The program begins with “Three Simple Concepts to Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking.”  This course teaches you the way to easily and quickly learn how to lose all fear of speaking in public.  People who have taken this course have found out that they are better speakers then they thought they were.  The benefits of completing this program can last you a lifetime.  This program can help you finish the ESL classes and get good grades.  Also it will help you in the future to get a good job with a good salary.  Your life style will also improve.  Other benefits are that you will have more confidence when you speak to others in small or large groups.  Each time you speak you will be able to speak without difficulty and more comfortably.  Usually some, including me, are afraid that the people who are listening to them do not clearly understand what they are trying to say.  I recommend this website because for me it has been helpful in losing my fear of speaking in public.  The website is good for people who learn by listening or by reading.  I am sure that the Three Simple Concepts to Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking will help anyone who decides to use the website.  I hope I have given you enough information about this program and highly recommend that everyone visit the website. Originally published in Shvoong:

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