academic English studies

academic English studies

One very helpful and informative website about lessons, and resources for one who is learning English, and specially someone who wants to improve listening skills, is AES (Academic English Studies), this website provides a very wide range of places where ESL students can find helpful lessons; there are two pages and every page recommends others sites in which students can choose the lessons or information that fits better in their learning necessities. The lessons are classified in different levels, for example: level 100, is for beginner/advanced, level 200, is for intermediate, level 300, is for upper intermediate, and level 400, is for advanced; so this website is helpful, it doesn’t matter in which level a student is, there also is provided a dictionary to help with new vocabulary. One of the pages that I found very interesting is English Language Listening Lab, this is the premier listening site on the web, there are interviews for every day, and all interviews come with built-in support with photos, a guided quiz and a interactive speaking section, these activities are also free downloadable at To help with listening skills and have fun at the same time, there are two stories to listen to, and there is a way to see the text while listening the stories, when the student finish listening, there are questions to answer, do a dictation, and some other activities that will stimulate student’s listening, the name of the stories are “The Kingdom Of The Lion”, and “The Wolf And The Crane”, and the place to find it is: Those activities are for levels 100 and 200. For level 300, there are fun ways to improve listening too, for example; in page two there is a place called, it has trailers,(short action-packed summaries of movies) one can choose from more than 50 trailers to watch and then, do English activities, this exercises helps to understand what the student is listening. So I think this is a good way to improve English listening and not get bored in the process, this methods are designed to keep students interested while learning, and that’s why I recommend to visit this website.
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