I choose Latin Language, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian,
Catalan etc. Are part of the Latin Language. Latin is the language of the Roman Catholic Church. People that speak English cannot avoid learning Latin vocabulary. Half of the English vocabulary comes from ancient Rome. One example of a word is etcetera. However, because Latin language can be variable, learning Latin grammar can be a challenge. Regular practice is necessary to learn to speak Latin well. Traditional teaching methods often makes matters worse. Just when you are resigned to the fact that Latin nouns have something called an "absolute case." The teacher then announces that the absolute case can be subdivided into the "ablative absolute," "ablative of attendant circumstance," "ablative of degree of difference," "ablavative of fine penalty." "ablative of time during which" etc. Wouldn’t it be great to just put words together into the Latin language and have the all Latin grammar explanations sitting off to the side, waiting to be read whenever you need them? The Latin language belongs to the Italic group of the Indo- European family of languages. Roman soldiers spread Latin from the Tiber River throughout an Empire that spread from Mesopotamia to Spain. In later times, catholic missionaries helped carry Latin to father reaches of the world. Latin Language can be divided into periods such as: Early Latin, from the founding of Rome in 753 B.C until 81B.C: Classical Latin, from 81 B.C, when Ceasar and Cicero were writing, until 14 A.D. when Augustus died: silver Latin (a brilliant literary period) until 130 A.D: Late Latin (also called vulgar Latin ): Medieval Latin (also called christ5ian Latin): Renaissance Latin (also called Erasmian Latin): and Modern Latin (also called Neo-Latin). Latin language is a cultural language that has many ways of learning the language. Once you learn the functions of the Latin grammar it becomes easy and fun to learn, After all is a language of our ancestors. Originally published in Shvoong:

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