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Backgammon is the new sensational online game (maybe one of the best online games ever). To know more about the Backgammon rules, you have arrived to the right (and may I add - the best) site. Backgammon tournaments in Israel, is a very common sight. Backgammon has always been a tow players game. Online games like Backgammon, are truly the essence of the web.
Backgammon is an ancient Egyptian game. It is very popular in Israel. Backgammon boards are made of wood, and Backgammon cubes are the regular cubes you use in monopoly.
Backgammon Games
Backgammon Games are everywhere. You can find it in Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and of curse - Online backgammon. The net is the Backgammon games haven.
Backgammon rules
Backgammon rules are very simple. You have to win....naaa, you have to win and make sure your opponent will think you're going to win again.
Online Backgammon
Online Backgammon as written before, are the most popular backgammon format/platform these days.
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Here are some tips sites: 2004/11/how_did_i_miss.php gaming/backgammon-tips98081.html
Here are some tips:
Have a plan. Change it from time to time, but know your way.
Never move before thinking 1-2 other ways.
If you can barn off, do it, even with 2 dices.
Move your checkers from the 6 points place to 4-1.
And my site (rules, links and even history of Backgammon:
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