I found this search engine, Pagebull, listed as Larry Ferlazzo's number one search engine for ESL, ELL, and EFL on his Educational Blog that I receieve as a CATESOL Member and I'm inclined to agree with him.  I put in the key words "ESL Advanced Listening and Speaking" for my ESL lab coming up in a couple of weeks and there were at least 85 pages that I counted.  Each page is displayed somewhat like a restaurant menu with the homepages of nine ESL, ELL, or EFL sites on each page.  They even have a little zoom icon by the search window so you can increase or decrease the size of each page.  All of my favorite ESL Sites were in there and an ocean of ESL Sites I never knew existed to boot.  It's a great site to go in and browse, find something you like and metaphorically camp out  for awhile.  Each page arranges its nine home pages in a 3 across by 4 down pattern.  Right toward the top of the very first page was my favorite site English as a 2nd Language.  You will find a special link to that web site below.  Please be sure to rate this site and add any comments in the provided areas below. Originally published in Shvoong:

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