Academic Listening/Speaking

Academic Listening/Speaking

Academic Listening/Speaking English 0710 This course is designed to develop the academic listening and speaking skills of ESL students. This course will be placed on listening to lectures, note taking, speaking in academic situations, and practicing pronunciation skills. The content of this course is to identify vocabulary meanings from listening context and use this new vocabulary in speaking situation using correct grammatical and context forms. For this objective you need to know your audience, interact whit they, relate whit your audience and they will be inspired by your message. If you are not focusing on your audience’s needs, then you are simply speaking for the point of hearing yourself and nothing else. In his course will help you move beyond composing speeches because you have to and starting to compose speeches because you want the audience to understand and retain the information/knowledge that you have. Another activity is that we are going to list information heard in dialogs and lectures. We can ask questions orally using corrects verbs and forms. This dialogs and lectures will help us to identify the main idea and the support of a lecture. We also can write summaries and outlines of information from lectures and we can present this information using cause/effect form and vocabulary. This course has charts and graphs to complete using information from the lectures. I also can learn how to use symbols and abbreviations for note-talking.
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