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Are you learning English? Let me tell you about the web-site I am very interested in this web-site. I had used others programs that helped people who are learning English like me. When I went into this site, the fist time, I was surprise about haw many activities it had. I didn’t have enough time to see all of them. I just was browsing it, and I found something interesting for me. I went into the Pronunciation part, and there I found a lot of good things. There you can find a writing assistance program that helps you how to structure a sentence, or a paragraph. If you write a sentence and it has the words in a wrong order, the possible options to fix it appear on the screen. You can find answer for all of grammar problems that you have.  It has a space where you can ask about your own doubts or concerning. Also you can be informed, hearing the local news even the news all around the world. But the most interesting to me was a place where you can type a word or a sentence, and you can hear the pronunciation. It lets you know how the word sounds, especially in the words or phrases that you don’t have any idea how to pronounce. I hope this information helps you. I really recommended it. I can wait to get into all of the activities in this page. I know it will help me to improve my English, and you too. Originally published in Shvoong:

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