World Cup in Africa 2010

Sportv During the World Cup in Africa 2010

I just got a release schedule with SporTV during the World Cup.

The station will have four channels from June 11. Besides SporTV of SporTV2 and SporTV HD, a second hard drive will be open on days of simultaneous games (if the last round of the qualifying round).

50 professionals will be out of Brazil - including journalists who go to South Africa and reporters Passport SporTV.

Check out the attractions of the Canal during World Champion:

Good morning, Africa - Fernanda Gentil (It's Gol!) And Gabriel Moojen (Area of Impact) command the electronic magazine racks morning with the Cup. Will air hours before the first game of the day.

Selection SporTV - Where to 20h, the squad will take stock of the day. Bring the best photos of the day, throws the matches and special features. Three journalists will take turns in presenting: Luiz Carlos Jr., Milton Barreto and Marcelo Leite.

SporTV News - The newspaper will have three daily editions during the tournament (at 6, 19 and 22 hours). The program is not limited to coverage of the world.

Tá Africa - Vanessa Riche leads the Cup version Tá Area. From the knockout, the program gains more an issue, at 11am. The normal time of Ok in Africa will be at 15h before the last game of the round.

Exchange of Passes - Another to have two editions. Time: after games of 11am and 15.30.

Finally, an interactive menu is worth mentioning that the channel will offer subscribers of the Net and Sky. The SporTV bring in more information from the database of FIFA and graphic effects, an analysis program tactics, Piero.

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