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How To Make Money On Shvoong

This Is How You Get Paid On Shvoong!

1. Write a summary or analysis of any book, article, journal, or the scientific article web site in up to 900 words (own words)
2. Upload your resume / analysis to Shvoong and receive payments forever!

How much money?

There is a set amount. The Shvoong pays 10% of its advertising revenues for its writers. The key to the distribution of money among the writers is the number of times a resume is viewed (therefore it is preferable that the resume is well written)
When Money Is Transferred?

Payments will be made when at least $ 10 has accumulated on account of the writer.
How Is Money Received?

Payment is usually done through the PayPal system (the opening of an account is free).

1 - Enter the top of the site, click Apply;

If you get to ask for credit card just cancel. Although canceling the account will be created.
Okay, you have your PayPal account!

What more (money out) You Can Get the Shvoong?

As a writer of Shvoong, you will enjoy the publication of his massive work, and gain the recognition and gratitude of knowledge seekers around the world. In Shvoong you can make a difference! If you have your own web site, we invite you to send a brief description of this, along with a link, and earn additional web traffic for free!

Council: It's How You Increase Your Earnings:

1. Write many abstracts;
2. Write summaries of high quality, it will gain popularity and a high rating in search results on Shvoong;
3. Create links to your summaries in your personal homepage, blog or other sites and forums;
4. Invite friends to read their resumes and register as new writers on Shvoong. You can earn up to $ 100 for each new member;
5. Write about your summaries on blogs, forums and discussion boards.

F. How do I participate? (Step)

To register click the link:

to begin the registration. Initially, you will be introduced to the home page and click on "Register"

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