Opposition of Mars on March 3, 2012

Opposition of Mars on March 3, 2012

The best time to observe Mars when that planet is Earth, and, in addition to finding the same side of the Sun, reaching the smallest possible distance between them. This occurs when the three stars are aligned and the earth occupies the center position. In this case, since our planet, Mars and the Sun would be in opposite positions in space, why this planetary configuration is called opposition: it is said that Mars is in opposition to the Sun is what happens now.

This time of year, the planet is born in general to 18h, when the sun goes down, becomes closer to the zenith (highest point in the sky) at night, lying at 6am when the sun is rising.

Shortly after sunset, on Friday, look to the west at dusk, when a celestial object will appear reddish - the planet Mars - climbing towards the zenith as a star as bright as Sirius, the star bright in the sky.

This is approaching Mars, to the interested observer in the sky, a unique opportunity to enjoy the planet with the naked eye or with modest instrument. We must emphasize that this time Mars will be one of the most interesting celestial objects visible to the naked eye, because of its relatively rapid apparent shift between the stars, as well as its red color sharply, why was associated with Mars, god of war between the Romans.

In two years, will occur the next approximation opposition of Mars in March 3, 2012.

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