World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010

As we know today will be the opening World Cup Soccer, and much of the world (if not the world) will keep an eye on South Africa, to "honor" the opening of the games. But as we already know and see the world is being prepared for the New World Order in several ways, but here comes a question, which the Football World Cup this year has to do with it?

Well, I see here how the music industry is rife with occultism, the canopy would be preparing something for everyone, that would crown the beginning of a mistake?

Let's first consider this event as the Olympics and Pan American, part of the world for you to view these events and as we all know, 2012 can come preparing a big mistake, by the enormous attention of mystical groups claiming to be the end of a era and the beginning of another, one of the groups that are more points that date the Mayans.

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