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There are several opportunities to make money online, while socializing with their friends. One such opportunity is at Yuwie. You can get paid to talk and socialize with friends while sharing photos, comments, and ultimately all things that are capable of on social networking sites like MySpace and myLot. The only thing is not the same on these sites is that you do not get paid to talk like you do on Yuwie.

Making money on Yuwie

Send messages
Refer Friends

There are also many other ways to make money with Yuwie. The forms above are the main forms or major money makers for you. Other ways are more complementary. The way it actually works is that you get paid for the production of page views. Whatever you do, it produces a page view you earn money. It works the same way when you upload photos and page views, like someone when you do a blog post that gets viewed.

While each way of earning money is more potential for real gain is in an area of Yuwie. That area is the yuwie referral program. He paid for referrals to ten levels deep. Most affiliate programs or referral programs pay only one level deep. In most cases, you will not be paid for that second level is the level on their first where you earn money when your referrals refer people. Yuwie affiliate program's level ten becomes a powerful tool that lets you earn big commissions.

Below is a chart that shows the potential gain if you refer 3 people and people refer 3 more people and so on for 10 levels.

You receive $ 50 per thousand views on your photos, videos and profile.
when you've been in the register click on "skip" to go the next page.

you talk like that is much nicer. click on the register and good luck.

to receive payment you can open an account at paypal. click the link

If you get to ask for credit card just cancel. Although canceling the account will be created.
Okay, you have your PayPal account!

When you receive payment in paypal, you can make the transferred money to its bank account.

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