Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

June 11 Today was the opening day of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa Obama, the U.S. president, was invited to the opening ceremony. The opening of the 2010 World Cup was a true spectacle, a lot of African music, many colors, a true joy, everyone was waiting for this day. Lots of emotion marked the event in South Africa, international music stars like Black Eyed Peas and Shakira have a party. In the grand ceremony, African artists also participated, one of them was Vusi Mahlasela. Lemon tree in a lot of people stopped in front of TV just to keep the ceremonial and have a preview of what will be the games of the Brazilian Team in South Africa The ceremony was quite lengthy and all the attractions did very well. The party was part of a show singing the theme K'naan crown Waving Flag by the way is the theme used in the commercial for Coca Cola. Rede Globo in the narration was on account of Galvão Bueno and Fatima Bernardes who did extremely well in the presentation. The president of South Africa Jacob Zuma thanked the FIFA President Joseph Blatter for choosing South Africa to host the first World Cup on the African continent in order that such a feat had never before occurred. The festival also featured the famous drums of Africa and only the vuvuzela that were prohibited in the opening, because they would disturb the singers in their presentation. To close the evening gala singer Shakira has made a real spectacle in full or as Soccer City please call Soccer City. The ceremony opened once and for all the world cup and the June 11th 11h: 00m officially begins the World Cup game with South Africa X Mexico. and on June 15 to 11h: 00m is the time of Brazil's debut against the team from Portugal. Let's all hope for the Hexa Brazil.

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